Verbal Behaviour at Manor School

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Our three VB specialist classrooms have been set up as an extension to the personalised learning we provide to all of our pupils. The VB classrooms are for learners who benefit from extra support with communication and behaviour for learning, they provide specialist teaching based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis/Verbal Behaviour.

Our Lead Behaviour Practitioner, Emily Williams has ten years experience working in the field of ABA/VB and has had the opportunity to work with some of the leading consultants in the UK. She has really enjoyed the opportunity to establish and develop ABA/VB in the specialist classrooms at Manor School.

Our Head Teacher, Jayne Jardine was previously a Head teacher in an outstanding ABA/VB school and successfully facilitated the use of ABA/VB in another local authority Special Needs, all age, school; and is passionate about the pupils progress that can be made using these techniques.

Our VB Group Lead, VB Tutors and VB Assistants receive extensive training and support from the Lead Behaviour Practitioner and our Senior Leader and Autism Lead, Kate Campbell; as well as termly outreach consultancy from Rainbow School. The pupils and class team also benefit from weekly input from our Lead Speech and Language Therapist, Ellie Cornford, and Occupational Therapists, Brooke Steer (Lead) and Nicola Irwin, which is integrated in to group and individual sessions.

Pupils within the VB classes benefit from:

•A higher staff to pupil ratio
•Staff trained in the delivery of teaching based on the principles of ABA/VB
•Staff who receive ongoing training and CPD on the principles of ABA/VB, SaLT, OT, Autism etc.
•A highly individualised curriculum, based on assessment using the P Levels and VB-MAPP
•The opportunity to increase prerequisite skills for learning in a group environment, preparing them for their transition back to our main classrooms
•Input from SaLT and OT teams (both assessment and intervention)

Only pupils who currently attend Manor School in one of our main classrooms are eligible for placement into one of the VB classrooms. Pupils will be assessed for suitability based on the following admission criteria:

•Absent or weak mand (requesting) repertoire
•High scores on barriers to learning assessment
•Skill set within Level 1 of the VB MAPP
•Skill set within Level 2 of the VB MAPP with low manding scores and high barrier scores

Final decisions about admission will be made by the Head Teacher, Jayne Jardine, following an assessment period.

If you have any questions, our Lead Behaviour Practitioner Emily Williams will be happy to discuss them with you.

Useful Links: – Rainbow School – General information on VB Assessment